CURRENTLY LISTENING: Beach Slang – American Girls & French Kisses

The kids already love this band and know all the words to this song; something I learned when I saw them play last Friday with Crow Bait, Chumped & Modern Baseball at Brooklyn Bazaar. I ignored the awkward feeling when I realized I was one of ten people in the room pushing thirty and virtually the only one singing along to “Taming the L Word” when it played between bands. I ignored that old-timer feeling though when Beach Slang began their set. I’d heard their stuff before, but to see them live was so much better. Their live sound was incredibly tight, playing as one intense happy-go-lucky unit, smiling and being incredibly thankful for everything—the night, the kids, the other bands, life. They offer up some pretty infectious pop punk, putting me in such a great mood, especially this Wednesday morning as I revisit it. When you’re bound to a cubicle, you need something to keep you feeling this young. Enjoy.

COMING UP: Interviews with Human Head Records’ co-founder Travis Klein and Two City’s Sara Graham. Stay tuned!