CURRENTLY LISTENING: The Honeydips—Self-Titled

The Honeydips—WHOA, mind kind of blown. What’s first apparent to me is that the drummer has been doing this for a very, very long time. Not only is the sound of his kit excellent, the guy can seriously play. Wait, let me back up a little…
Where most bands of this genre seem to focus so intently on writing the catchiest of melodies, Honeydips don’t…they’re taking this surf punk thing to a better level with their intense rhythms, fast-changing progressions and tousled vocals. This kind of dirty unpredictability is refreshing, making their sound more punk than surf overall. “Stop Kissing Me” does this particularly well: it leads the listener on a little with a smooth, slow-dancey vibe and layered vocals. A tambourine sweetens the sound until a little after the one-minute-mark when all hell breaks loose. The drums turn ferocious and kinetic, the guitars go full speed ahead and the bridge has become satisfyingly violent. And that’s what makes their sound seem to work overall—it’s driven by this high, yet controlled energy. 100% super fun. “I’m the Reaper” is where the drums really cut through with insane roll fills and so many ghost notes, it’s frightening. “Sun Struck” brightens the record with a short-but-sweet 90’s sound and “Coastal Ghost” follows with a light swinging surf sound—a perfect release of an ending. Give it a listen now! It’s also streaming via Known Pleasure Records’ site where you can download it for keeps and check out their new video for “No Shirt, No Shoes” right here.