CURRENTLY LISTENING: No Brain by Black Market

unnamedI wasn’t really familiar with Black Market until I’d heard “No Brain” a few days ago, so I gave their bandcamp a listen for some context. When you reference to some of their previous releases, there’s a distinct difference between that sound and this new one. Whereas the older releases leaned on southern punk rock influences, this new track dives more into their dirtier garage angle with slower, sludgier guitars and blurred vocals. Think more Black Angels than Black Flag (as their cute “about” bandcamp blurb would suggest). The same addictive romp is still there, though, and there’s even more added complexity to their progressions with battling guitar lines and fun details. Listen for yourself. Black Market is audibly going to some deeper, darker places here. And I like it.

Also check out their bandcamp for a history lesson.
AND THEN You can find this new split for pre-order here. If you’re a vinyl collecting nerd like me, know that it’s gonna be pretttttyyyyyy. GIT IT.