A PERSONAL NOTE: Words of Encouragement to Creatives

Tomorrow I turn 30 and I’m fucking terrified. Not directly because I’m going to start seeing a lot more cellulite and wrinkles and white hairs, but because I feel enormously unaccomplished. And then this great newsletter appeared in my inbox from GoodFoodJobs.com. I felt the need to share this for all the writers & musicians & artists out there that feel equally unaccomplished. Hopefully after reading this, you’ll also wonder why you were so frightened and be able to continue doing whatever it is you know is worth doing:

DECIDE YOU WANT IT MORE THAN YOU’RE AFRAID OF IT…After all, it’s never about suppressing fear / anxiety / sadness / fill-in-the-blank natural emotion that you are most likely going to feel at different points in your life. It’s about working through those feelings to get to a better place. It’s about not letting them paralyze you into inaction.

So today we will listen. We will acknowledge that things are hard / overwhelming / don’t make sense / seem-small-in-comparison to other people’s problems. We understand those feelings.

And we hope that you will work past them. You will know that you are supported. You will take charge of the things that are in your control, and ask for help for those that aren’t. You’ll decide you want it more than you’re afraid of it. And do something about it…

For all of you who are waiting for permission, or think that you don’t have the expertise, or don’t know how exactly what type of life your creation will take on, remember that we were just two friends, looking for meaningful food work, and we found a community 57,000+ people strong (and growing) that had previously existed only in our hearts. We were lucky to have one another, to feel less alone in starting a business (for one) and to have company in our quest for good food for all. Now we’re thrilled that we ALL have each other, that the journey continues, and that it does so with passion and honesty.

We make every effort not to claim expertise – perish the thought. But we do have experience, thanks to one fateful decision that we wanted something more than we were afraid of it. You can, too.”

Your companions,
Taylor & Dorothy
Co-Founders, Good Food Jobs

If you feel you need this kind of encouragement, subscribe to their newsletter. It’s always this good.