Monthly Archive: December, 2014

THANK YOU, READERS & ARTISTS: 2014 in review

Writing, especially about the arts, can be soul-crushingly difficult.


CURRENTLY LISTENING: Weekend Warrior EP by Projekt Rehab

Projekt Rehab hails from the west coast but the style of this electronic duo definitely lends a nod to the east. Their dark lyrics, brooding effects and highly poetic lyrics are exactly the kind… Continue reading

A NEW ENDEAVOR: Image Society talks origins & the building of community

“I still feel like we’re pushing forward. And trying to innovate and do something different.”

MIX TIME: Winter Haze

A collection of the week’s favorites and a few lovely oddities, mostly all dark & electronic. I hope some of these songs offer a little catharsis. I’m not talking respite. Not talking escape.… Continue reading

CURRENTLY LISTENING: Sadness is the Rich Man’s Drug EP by The Ropes

Last week I received a sweet tip from a fan named Natalie suggesting that I listen to electronic outfit The Ropes. She said she couldn’t believe that more people hadn’t heard of them.… Continue reading

THIS IS A LOVE SONG: An Interview with Erel Pilo

Erel Pilo brings a cup of peach tea to me. We’re sitting together on the sofa in her cozy Gowanus apartment and I’m talking about the blog and nostalgic music. She nods. “Listening to music… Continue reading

CURRENTLY LISTENING: What Moon Things by What Moon Things

This Monday morning began with the discovery of  New Paltz’s space noise rock band What Moon Things and their self-titled album. Something about their droning, emotional vocals, explosive shimmering guitars and powerful swells has me… Continue reading