Monthly Archive: January, 2015

MIX TIME: Resort

Songs that kinda calm me at times and kinda rile me up at others. I don’t really care if you like them, I just want them to be heard.



With biting vocals, cutting percussion and sludgy guitars, MOURN certainly have the makings of becoming the next grunge hitmakers.

CURRENTLY LISTENING: No Goodbyes by Gleemer

Within the first few hazy acoustic tones of “Workout”, you might think you have Gleemer pegged as another folky singer-songwriter outfit. You’d be wrong.

CURRENTLY LISTENING: Turn in the Pike by Blacklisted

After hearing “Burnt Palms” on NPR (of all places) and “Deeper Kind” on their Bandcamp, I have Blacklisted’s release date for When People Grow, People Go bookmarked (Feb. 10!). Today a third tune “Turn on… Continue reading

AMONG THE YOUNG AT HEART: An Interview with Noah Stitelman of Neighbors

“The easiest way for your life to not pan out the way you want it to is to remain unfulfilled by the things you keep on doing.”

CURRENTLY LISTENING: Rumination Ruining by Pawl Jefferson

Filled with reflection in every swirling guitar line, Jeff Stultz (AKA Pawl Jefferson’s) latest EP Rumination Ruining offers brightness and promise, especially during this cold, dismal winter.

MIX TIME: Incarnations

In the last few weeks I’ve found some pretty amazing tracks while stumbling around Bandcamp, rifling through end-of-year samplers and revisiting old personal loves. Special shout-out to Arizona-based Shallow, who’s EP Feel Goods! I… Continue reading