MIX TIME: Incarnations

In the last few weeks I’ve found some pretty amazing tracks while stumbling around Bandcamp, rifling through end-of-year samplers and revisiting old personal loves. Special shout-out to Arizona-based Shallow, who’s EP Feel Goods! I found on Bandcamp and couldn’t stop listening to. Yeah, this mix is a little all over the place but I believe there’s something here for everyone. That’s at least one good result of over saturation in the music world, isn’t it? Take a listen and let the bands know what you think. You might find a new favorite yourself.

1. Return Eternal by Strange Mangers
2. This Fractured Art by Limbs
3. When We Get There by Modern Charms
4. The Twist by High Pop
5. Evergreen by Logfella
6. A Drop of Blood by Owls
7. Cool by Tigers Jaw
8. Dirty Thing by Vibragun
9. Flatlands (pt. 2) by Young Statues
10. Everything/Nothing by Hurry
11. Rekindle by Brave Bird
12. Asleep by Makthaverskan
13. Ontario Gothic by Foxes in Fiction
14. Out of Focus by Shallow
15. Tradition & Evolution by Traveling Wave
16. Nightfall by Northerner
17. March 2011 by Foxes in Fiction
18. I by A Film in Color

Next up: An interview with Noah Stitelman of Neighbors and a handful of reviews I’ve been dying to post.