MIX TIME: Resort

I’ve been frustrated. I took a vacation, still frustrated. I ran a lot, still frustrated. I read an empowering book and got even MORE frustrated with the lack of community and honestness, my possible dead-end, unsatisfying future and the not knowing if my words just burn into this vast digital hole or if there are people who actually fucking care. This is where my frustration landed: in a pile of songs that I can still love amidst that frustration. Songs that kinda calm me at times and kinda rile me up at others. So thank you to these bands that have kept me somewhat sane this week.
Here you go:

1. Ski Vacation by LVL UP
2. Flowing Through by Adventures
3. Shoulder Pads by Gleemer
4. Stellar!!! by Brightside
5. Blonde Hair, Black Lungs by Sorority Noise
6. Forbidden Fruit by Creative Adult
7. Void by Young Adults
8. New Filth by Currents
9. Boys are Cunts by Mourn
10. Swim Fan by Speedy Ortiz
11. Hidebound by Fellow Project
12. Circa 2006 by Brightside
13. Killer Velocity by Brave Bird
14. Last of the Fast Stars by Parachuter
15. Prozac & Merlot by The Sea Life
16. Smoke by Sorority Noise