Monthly Archive: February, 2015

CURRENTLY LISTENING: Vacant Page by Leapling

Leapling take more chances here than some of their ho-hum contemporaries, which is I guess why I dig this record so much.


MIX TIME: Spaceage Love Songs

Well this one is just a jumbly mess of songs I fell for in the last two weeks. Actually, that’s how most of my mixes come together, but whatever. Shoegazy, twee, psych and… Continue reading

ON ELABORATE SYMPHONIES: An Interview with What Moon Things

“I don’t think that [death] has to be scary. It’s actually kind of beautiful that we don’t know where we’re going.”


An ode to the heavier bands on this Friday the 13th pre-Valentine’s day.

CURRENTLY LISTENING: Disposable Summer by No Good News

No Good News, thank you, thank you, thank you for thoroughly capturing what it was like to grow up on LI all over again.