CURRENTLY LISTENING: Disposable Summer by No Good News

Along with my Millenial-life crisis comes the craving for old bands I used to listen to as a teen. So this time, for the sake of staying relevant, I went to the kids—kids from Long Island, no less, who no doubt listened to some of the same tunes I’d heard in my formative years before running away to college and getting “educated.” No Good News, thank you, thank you, thank you for thoroughly capturing what it was like to grow up out there all over again. Not just with some of those lyrics (“You and I / watched the sky / over Long Island trees”) but with your entire punk sound. Sure, one could argue that is what good pop-punk always offers: feelings of alienation, memories of lost friends and dredged up relationship issues wound around addictive melodies and a fast back beat. But No Good News offers more than that staple sound. They realize and yield to emotive slowdowns when needed, building to well-sung choruses at the perfect time (singalong vocals always welcome). The guitars are well-woven. Drums are deep and supportive, not overly flashy. No elements are in competition with one another for a spotlight—just the signs a well-oiled machine here. And if you don’t like it, fellow Long Islanders, you are probably in denial.

There are a lot of great ones on this record. My favorite? Call me sappy, but I love “Rest Assured.”

Listen and purchase here.