An ode to the heavier bands on this Friday the 13th pre-Valentine’s day. I’m more of a horror fan than a love fan anyway. Some of these are anti-love oldies but the rest are by some killer bands that are alive and well. If you like what you hear, a handful of those bands will be playing in our area. Dates & places below…

1. Love American by Give up the Ghost
2. Forbidden Fruit by Creative Adult
3. Sycophant by White Lung
4. Stumbeline as covered by Somerset Thrower
5. Tiny Prayers by Restorations
6. I Love You So Much It’s Killing Us Both by Jawbreaker
7. Otitis by Mourn
8. A dozen Roses by Braid
9. Floating Somewhere High and Above by Blis
10. Queen Anne’s Lace by Sorority Noise
11. 25 Cent Giraffe by Lifetime
12. I’m Fucking Sick of People Leaving and Not Saying Goodbye by The Agent
13. In Your Living Room by No Good News
14. Oak Street by Knuckle Puck
15. Dead Tenants by Dead Tenants
16. Voids by Young Adults
17. Long Lonely Time by True Love
18. Turn in the Pike by Blacklisted
19. Dead Air by Creative Adult
20. Song For Tonight by The Suicide File

February 21 @ The Gutter – Our Skies are Noise • Dead Tenants • Meticulous Women • Millstead
March 4 @ St. Vitus – Creative Adult • Mathaverskan • Self-Defense Family
March 22 @ Amityville Music Hall (LI) – Iron Chic • Weed Hounds • Somerset Thrower • Scout • Mouth
March 24 @ Mr. Beerys (LI) – Somerset Thrower • Greensleep • Late Bloomer • Troubled Hearts
March 29 @ Baby’s All Right – Mourn