MIX TIME: Spaceage Love Songs

Well this one is just a jumbly mess of songs I fell for in the last two weeks. Actually, that’s how most of my mixes come together, but whatever. Shoegazy, twee, psych and a little punk because I was feeling saucy.

Enjoy your Friday. Don’t over-think it.

1. Girl U Want (Devo Cover) by Freelance Whales
2. Giggle & Blush by Seaside
3. Seventeen by Wildhoney
4. I was made for you by Stereoma
5. Holly by Pop & Obachan
6. Crazy Girl by Workman Song
7. Sleepwalker by Moon Duo
8. I Don’t Wanna Fall in Love by St. Tropez
7. Somebody Kill me Please by LVL UP
8. I Look Good on You by The Wild Eyes
9. Rain or Shine by Young Fathers
10. Consider This Your Warning by The Method
11. Watch her Fall by 93MillionMilesFromTheSun
12. Pet by The Sidekicks