RECOGNIZE & RESPECT: A Call for Entries from Female Pressure

I’m sure most of you have read the great interview that Bjork did with Pitchfork back in January. I personally love that the bigger story that the media focused on was not about Matthew Barney or their difficult breakup but about her call-out that women’s achievements in the arts as well as electronic and technological music industries are too often overlooked. Whenever a woman is not visible, the media tends to forget to mention her contribution to a project or gives credit to her more visible male peers instead. And there’s a cool venture seeking to remedy this from the folks at Female Pressure:

“Inspired by Bjork’s Pitchfork article in January 2015 observing that the world misses a visual presentation of female producers, DJ’s, media artists, designers in hands-on working environments, the network launches this blog for #internationalwomensday 2015. We are collecting images, and production video footage.

Please submit to femalepressure at or tweet to @poemproducer”

Please help them out if you can. And above all, read the posts, educate yourself and celebrate these amazing women.

Some highlights:
Chavez Oliveros Amanda Davis