CURRENTLY LISTENING: Dry Land by Pop & Obachan

In the midst of this almost-Spring weather, there’s nothing that helps lift the grey mood better than wistful dream pop. Brooklyn’s Pop & Obachan are Emma Tringali and Jake Smisloff and in “Dry Land” they’ve thoroughly captured this restless limbo state I think we can all relate to right now. On this particular track, the bass and drums work expertly to catch you up in a steady groove, which is particularly wonderful at the pre-chorus. At times these rhythms come to a halt as Emma holds you there with her bold, tonal melodies, then drops you into such a satisfying chorus. The interwoven guitar licks wash over the composition beautifully, nothing in competition, everything in its right place, all taking you someplace better. So while you’re waiting for the sun, let this track keep you going. Enjoy your lazy Sunday:

And if you’re looking  for more… I recently put together a little space lovey mix that contains another of their tracks, a sweet love song entitled “Holly”.