MIX TIME: Do it!

I know, I know. I’ve been gone too long. But I’m finally making things happen. It only took 30 years, amirite? I’m getting out there, interviewing fellow Long Islanders about their experiences in the DIY music scene, researching old blogs, photos, videos, message boards, compilations…oh yeah and trying to write. A book. If I’m learning anything about how to band together to get anything done, it’s that there’s vital power in asking. You kids, you know who you are, you’re the best for simply saying yes to helping in any capacity. And I thank you.

I’m looking for more contributors for this book. If I don’t come knocking on your door first, please get in contact with me. I want people to read your stories.

I never posted this mix here because of that busy-ness getting in the way. So here it is in all its motivational glory. I hope it brings you success or at least a fun distraction.

1. Cutesy Monster Man by Iron Chic
2. 20 Below by RVIVR
3. Stuck by Knuckle Puck
4. Don’t Ever Tell Locke What He Can’t Do by Moneen
5. I don’t have a Dancing Problem by Marathon
6. Kids by Beach Slang
7. Stellar!!! by Brightside
8. Slammer by Radical Dads
9. Everything in Twos by The Sidekicks
10. Hey Allison! by Jeff Rosenstock
11. Snack Attack by A Great Big Pile of Leaves
12. What Comes Next by Ovlov
13. Old Kids by Young Adults
14. Nights in the Dark by California X
15. Killer Velocity by Brave Bird