MIX TIME: The Best Summer of Your Life

Things and things. Stuff and stuff. I get caught up in the endless responsibilities I take on, sometimes unending projects that I love but swallow my time. I can’t apologize because it’s what I should be and want to be doing. I can, though, offer you something new that I made as I take a break.

But if you listen to this gift, you have to promise me that you’re going to take it with you on a trip—physically, of the mind, whatever. Just so long as you somehow get out of the mundane and everyday.


Last weekend Ryan took me on my first ever three-day bike tour around the Catskills. I’d been there in small bike stints, but never overnight, never moving to new spots every day. I had never done it because I thought my body would never be able to physically handle the mileage and rolling mountain passes. But goddamn it, did my body surprise me. Blame it on the endorphins or the picturesque views but I was overwhelmed with happiness and felt so at ease. So that’s why I need for you to take this mix and get away from your boss, your stress, your whatever and feel alive doing something that challenges you. After all, it’s what the summer is meant for.

1. When We Saw Mountains • Stars Are Insane*
2. Mountain Town • Radical Dads
3. No Life For Me • Wavves X Cloud Nothings
4. Bang • Braid
5. Summer Brings Your Closer to Satan • The Sidekicks
6. Reservoir • PUP
7. Fires of Hell • Geronimo!
8. Shores of Lake Erie • Unfun
9. Tiny Raindrop • Balance and Composure
10. Campfire Kansas • The Get Up Kids
11. Up on Cripple Creek • The Band
12. Pop Kuntry • Hovvdy
13. Crooked • Leapling
14. At The End of All Things • Gates
15. Cars Pass Me By (And It’s Okay) • Stars Are Insane*

*Stars Are Insane is a solo project by Mike Andriani, owner of Rok Lok records. These two songs have brightened my last few weeks with their listless, anything-is-possible feel. If you love these tunes, there is much more available at Rok Lok’s Bandcamp. Please go check it out and buy things!