CURRENTLY LISTENING: Ubiquitous American Sandwich by edgar clinks

There’s a certain kind of music that returns you to a childhood state of both wonderment and adventurousness, where you feel equally excited about flying through the air on your skates as you do about falling and scraping your hands and knees—the state where everything reckless is attractive.
In nine tracks, Ubiquitous American Sandwich from edgar clinks could be summed up in those seven words.

From the get-go, the record takes off on a bumpy joyride, complete with lasers, bouncy bass and crisp drums. Singer Joe Gaudiana is your driver, your new warped best friend, making up his own rules for enunciating words—and you love it, even if it takes you a little time to warm up to the weird. “All My Bummin'” pokes fun at all the bands stealing that lo-fi ’60s sound with fuzzy guitars and cutesy whistles. But even through the silliness, edgar clinks has already gained your trust with the first two tracks and has you enjoying this one in all its catchiness. “Paul Klee in Bombay (1947)” has the most poetic lyrics and the music (maybe the whole record?) captures the colorful, angular paintings of Klee himself. “Navel Orange Gazing” takes a break from the wild and upbeat, offering some psychedelic slowness in a few steadily strummed acoustic chords and some strange bubbling voice-over (Charlton Heston? is that you?). I love that this track is not just thrown on the record as an art jam; it’s tastefully done and still sounds like the same band. I think it takes a full band’s self-awareness to go off the deep end and come up with something unique, yet still hold true to the unit’s identity. Like. “Erdbeer Days” takes a similar approach, though, I have to say it’s farther removed from their sound—like a page ripped directly from Sung Tongs. I like the song, don’t get me wrong, but prior to this I was thinking I hadn’t heard anything like it before. They bounce back into “Loss Fun”, a return to their unique vibe, all balls-out, shameless goofiness in the lyrics to boot. “Coastal Stuff” is made up of exactly what it sounds like, possibly my favorite on the record for its sweet ending and wallflowery lyrics. Perfect end song to a good day and great lead-in to a fun night.

Take a listen and download here.