CURRENTLY LISTENING: Heatwave by Wild Ones


Just when I thought that summer was over, Portland’s Wild Ones releases the Heatwave EP and it makes me want to do the season all over again. So many smooth grooves on this one, ripe for poolside lounging and dancing late into the night with your sexy lover. The two pre-released singles “Dim the Lights” and “Show Me Islands” are stand-out tracks for those exact reasons—so undeniably catchy even for the hard-hearted. “They Said” packs on the meaning a little more with swelling dynamics and lyrics filled with end-of-summer longing. Whereas their first album Keep it Safe was more on the indie rock side of the spectrum, Heatwave dives deeper into dark electronic sounds and experimental ambient beats. So though it is still technically a summer album, just like the season, there is that underlying sadness of not wanting the fun to ever end. When Danielle Sullivan sings “Oh baby baby come dance with me” on the final track, “Loveless”, the feeling is as listless as it is blissful.

Take a listen, purchase here and ride out the summer on these chill vibes.