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NEW PIECE: Seattle Hardcore’s G.L.O.S.S.

This week published my piece on G.L.O.S.S. (Girls Living Outside Society’s Shit). The band offered up truly honest answers and I feel honored to have had this experience. The final piece looks… Continue reading

ON BEING A TRUE WARRIOR: An Interview with Sate

Imagine how buzzing the world would be if we were all loving what we were doing every single step of the way. We could love one another freely.

ON ELABORATE SYMPHONIES: An Interview with What Moon Things

“I don’t think that [death] has to be scary. It’s actually kind of beautiful that we don’t know where we’re going.”

AMONG THE YOUNG AT HEART: An Interview with Noah Stitelman of Neighbors

“The easiest way for your life to not pan out the way you want it to is to remain unfulfilled by the things you keep on doing.”

A NEW ENDEAVOR: Image Society talks origins & the building of community

“I still feel like we’re pushing forward. And trying to innovate and do something different.”

THIS IS A LOVE SONG: An Interview with Erel Pilo

Erel Pilo brings a cup of peach tea to me. We’re sitting together on the sofa in her cozy Gowanus apartment and I’m talking about the blog and nostalgic music. She nods. “Listening to music… Continue reading

A WALL OF SOUND & VISION: Travis Klein on life-changing albums & the birth of Human Head

Photographs by Ryan Dausch About a month ago, I was bored in Bushwick and while all my friends were busy that Saturday, I decided to treat myself to a record store day. Google… Continue reading

SARA IN THE SUMMERTIME: A Brooklyn Writer & Designer Shares Memories of McCarren Pool

“Picture this: a monolithic Olympic-sized pool, emptied of course, crumbling, spray-painted and shuddered since 1984. That was the venue. What could be more rad?”

LIFE & LIMB: Mike Clark on Finding & Chasing What Resonates

“Everyone there was basking in the glow of the band’s mechanical precision. It wasn’t hateful, it wasn’t childishly optimistic, it wasn’t overtly was just..energetic. And hopeful.”

CROSS CROWDED ROOMS: How Enriquez Came to Find Community

“It was so inspiring to see and absolutely was a direct relation to how I ended up spending the next few years of my life engaging and pursuing things within the sub culture.”