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MIX TIME: The Best Summer of Your Life

I get caught up in the endless responsibilities I take on, sometimes unending projects that I love but swallow my time. I can’t apologize because it’s what I should be and want to be doing. I can, though, offer you something new that I made as I take a break.


MIX TIME: Do it!

I know, I know. I’ve been gone too long. But I’m finally making things happen. It only took 30 years, amirite? I’m getting out there, interviewing fellow Long Islanders about their experiences in… Continue reading


An ode to the heavier bands on this Friday the 13th pre-Valentine’s day.

MIX TIME: Resort

Songs that kinda calm me at times and kinda rile me up at others. I don’t really care if you like them, I just want them to be heard.

MIX TIME: Incarnations

In the last few weeks I’ve found some pretty amazing tracks while stumbling around Bandcamp, rifling through end-of-year samplers and revisiting old personal loves. Special shout-out to Arizona-based Shallow, who’s EP Feel Goods! I… Continue reading

MIX TIME: Winter Haze

A collection of the week’s favorites and a few lovely oddities, mostly all dark & electronic. I hope some of these songs offer a little catharsis. I’m not talking respite. Not talking escape.… Continue reading

MIX TIME: Quickie

As I am aggressively trying to create new, long form content, I don’t want you to miss out on some of these great tunes. So I made this for you while you wait.… Continue reading

MIX TIME: Killin’ it.

If you put it out there, it’s already happening. Please enjoy this eclectic mix I made for you because you’re killin’ it. Track list below… 1. Age of Isolation by Mystery Pills 2.… Continue reading

MIX TIME: Shine Out

Goddamn, what a week. Enjoy your weekend, ladies & gents. You’ve earned it.