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UPDATE: Morning Ritual

Everyday I write the book…I just wish I had a bigger screen.


UPDATE: Several New Series in the Works

So many new views and likes within the last week, but haven’t posted anything in over a month! You must really be curious. I’m going to be reaching out to individuals, hopefully a… Continue reading

NEW PIECE: Seattle Hardcore’s G.L.O.S.S.

This week published my piece on G.L.O.S.S. (Girls Living Outside Society’s Shit). The band offered up truly honest answers and I feel honored to have had this experience. The final piece looks… Continue reading

RECOGNIZE & RESPECT: A Call for Entries from Female Pressure

Women’s achievements in the arts are too often overlooked. Let’s fix that, shall we?

THANK YOU, READERS & ARTISTS: 2014 in review

Writing, especially about the arts, can be soul-crushingly difficult.

MIX TIME: Winter Haze

A collection of the week’s favorites and a few lovely oddities, mostly all dark & electronic. I hope some of these songs offer a little catharsis. I’m not talking respite. Not talking escape.… Continue reading

CURRENTLY LISTENING: What Moon Things by What Moon Things

This Monday morning began with the discovery of  New Paltz’s space noise rock band What Moon Things and their self-titled album. Something about their droning, emotional vocals, explosive shimmering guitars and powerful swells has me… Continue reading

CURRENTLY READING: Sober Living for the Revolution by Gabriel Kuhn

Since I picked this book up at PM Press’s table at the Brooklyn Book Fair, I’ve been carrying it with me, reading and taking note of Kuhn’s interviewing style and the kinds of… Continue reading

A PERSONAL NOTE: Words of Encouragement to Creatives

Tomorrow I turn 30 and I’m fucking terrified. Not directly because I’m going to start seeing a lot more cellulite and wrinkles and white hairs, but because I feel enormously unaccomplished. And then… Continue reading

CURRENTLY LISTENING: Beach Slang – American Girls & French Kisses

The kids already love this band and know all the words to this song; something I learned when I saw them play last Friday with Crow Bait, Chumped & Modern Baseball at Brooklyn Bazaar.… Continue reading