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A NEW ENDEAVOR: Image Society talks origins & the building of community

“I still feel like we’re pushing forward. And trying to innovate and do something different.”


THIS IS A LOVE SONG: An Interview with Erel Pilo

Erel Pilo brings a cup of peach tea to me. We’re sitting together on the sofa in her cozy Gowanus apartment and I’m talking about the blog and nostalgic music. She nods. “Listening to music… Continue reading

CURRENTLY LISTENING: What Moon Things by What Moon Things

This Monday morning began with the discovery of  New Paltz’s space noise rock band What Moon Things and their self-titled album. Something about their droning, emotional vocals, explosive shimmering guitars and powerful swells has me… Continue reading


It’s that time of year again where any hype about any band will be tossed around to create one crazy-loud and obnoxious internet blogging explosion. Yeah, I’m not planning on really talking about… Continue reading

CURRENTLY LISTENING: Beach Slang – American Girls & French Kisses

The kids already love this band and know all the words to this song; something I learned when I saw them play last Friday with Crow Bait, Chumped & Modern Baseball at Brooklyn Bazaar.… Continue reading

CURRENTLY READING: Love RocK Revolution by Mark Baumgarten

THIS…this is the why:  “One day [my brother’s friend]…brought my older brother Eric a cassette tape with two dozen songs recorded on it. I don’t remember them all, but I do know that… Continue reading

LIFE & LIMB: Mike Clark on Finding & Chasing What Resonates

“Everyone there was basking in the glow of the band’s mechanical precision. It wasn’t hateful, it wasn’t childishly optimistic, it wasn’t overtly was just..energetic. And hopeful.”


This story began outside the bar. My buddy Jessica and I had hung out the entire day prior and got into a deep discussion about this blog, why I want to keep writing… Continue reading

CROSS CROWDED ROOMS: How Enriquez Came to Find Community

“It was so inspiring to see and absolutely was a direct relation to how I ended up spending the next few years of my life engaging and pursuing things within the sub culture.”

A story of…

Everyone remembers their first local show, but I don’t think many people can say that theirs was the first show that Chris Enriquez ever played with On the Might of Princes. Let me… Continue reading