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UPDATE: Morning Ritual

Everyday I write the book…I just wish I had a bigger screen.


CURRENTLY LISTENING: Living Alone EP by Maryleigh Roohan

Her voice is full of complexity and the music follows her wherever she’ll take it.

CURRENTLY LISTENING: Heatwave by Wild Ones

Just when I thought that summer was over, Wild Ones releases the Heatwave EP and it makes me want to do the season all over again.

GROUND ZERO: Who’s Yours?

We all start somewhere and, at least I’ve found, the important stuff almost always involves music.

MIX TIME: Spaceage Love Songs

Well this one is just a jumbly mess of songs I fell for in the last two weeks. Actually, that’s how most of my mixes come together, but whatever. Shoegazy, twee, psych and… Continue reading

CURRENTLY LISTENING: Turn in the Pike by Blacklisted

After hearing “Burnt Palms” on NPR (of all places) and “Deeper Kind” on their Bandcamp, I have Blacklisted’s release date for When People Grow, People Go bookmarked (Feb. 10!). Today a third tune “Turn on… Continue reading

CURRENTLY LISTENING: Weekend Warrior EP by Projekt Rehab

Projekt Rehab hails from the west coast but the style of this electronic duo definitely lends a nod to the east. Their dark lyrics, brooding effects and highly poetic lyrics are exactly the kind… Continue reading


It’s that time of year again where any hype about any band will be tossed around to create one crazy-loud and obnoxious internet blogging explosion. Yeah, I’m not planning on really talking about… Continue reading

A PERSONAL NOTE: Words of Encouragement to Creatives

Tomorrow I turn 30 and I’m fucking terrified. Not directly because I’m going to start seeing a lot more cellulite and wrinkles and white hairs, but because I feel enormously unaccomplished. And then… Continue reading

CURRENTLY LISTENING: No Brain by Black Market

I wasn’t really familiar with Black Market until I’d heard “No Brain” a few days ago, so I gave their bandcamp a listen for some context. When you reference to some of their previous… Continue reading