CURRENTLY LISTENING: Viva A La Atraccion by So Yesterday!

So Yesterday! revisits the melodic, classic no-frills pop punk from yesteryear on their second full length Viva A La Atraccion. It’s a bit clean-cut from the get-go, but that’s kinda what sets this release… Continue reading

GROUND ZERO: Who’s Yours?

We all start somewhere and, at least I’ve found, the important stuff almost always involves music.

MIX TIME: Do it!

I know, I know. I’ve been gone too long. But I’m finally making things happen. It only took 30 years, amirite? I’m getting out there, interviewing fellow Long Islanders about their experiences in… Continue reading

LIVE REVIEW: Syvia Record Release Show at Cameo Gallery

The winds were violent Sunday night in Williamsburg. It felt like no matter what you were wearing it was too little. The wind cut right through your clothing. Aside from bars that I… Continue reading

CURRENTLY LISTENING: Dry Land by Pop & Obachan

While you’re waiting for the sun, let this track keep you going.

RECOGNIZE & RESPECT: A Call for Entries from Female Pressure

Women’s achievements in the arts are too often overlooked. Let’s fix that, shall we?

CURRENTLY LISTENING: Vacant Page by Leapling

Leapling take more chances here than some of their ho-hum contemporaries, which is I guess why I dig this record so much.

MIX TIME: Spaceage Love Songs

Well this one is just a jumbly mess of songs I fell for in the last two weeks. Actually, that’s how most of my mixes come together, but whatever. Shoegazy, twee, psych and… Continue reading

ON ELABORATE SYMPHONIES: An Interview with What Moon Things

“I don’t think that [death] has to be scary. It’s actually kind of beautiful that we don’t know where we’re going.”


An ode to the heavier bands on this Friday the 13th pre-Valentine’s day.