MIX TIME: Killin’ it.

If you put it out there, it’s already happening. Please enjoy this eclectic mix I made for you because you’re killin’ it. Track list below… 1. Age of Isolation by Mystery Pills 2.… Continue reading

CURRENTLY LISTENING: The Honeydips—Self-Titled

The Honeydips—WHOA, mind kind of blown. What’s first apparent to me is that the drummer has been doing this for a very, very long time. Not only is the sound of his kit… Continue reading

A WALL OF SOUND & VISION: Travis Klein on life-changing albums & the birth of Human Head

Photographs by Ryan Dausch About a month ago, I was bored in Bushwick and while all my friends were busy that Saturday, I decided to treat myself to a record store day. Google… Continue reading

CURRENTLY LISTENING: Tuff Noogies by Shopping

Kay, I’ll admit it, I’m a lurker these days, but with the best intentions. I’m just looking for good new music. And while the rest of the social mediasphere is celebrating yet another… Continue reading

SARA IN THE SUMMERTIME: A Brooklyn Writer & Designer Shares Memories of McCarren Pool

“Picture this: a monolithic Olympic-sized pool, emptied of course, crumbling, spray-painted and shuddered since 1984. That was the venue. What could be more rad?”

MIX TIME: Shine Out

Goddamn, what a week. Enjoy your weekend, ladies & gents. You’ve earned it.

CURRENTLY LISTENING: Beach Slang – American Girls & French Kisses

The kids already love this band and know all the words to this song; something I learned when I saw them play last Friday with Crow Bait, Chumped & Modern Baseball at Brooklyn Bazaar.… Continue reading

CURRENTLY READING: Love RocK Revolution by Mark Baumgarten

THIS…this is the why:  “One day [my brother’s friend]…brought my older brother Eric a cassette tape with two dozen songs recorded on it. I don’t remember them all, but I do know that… Continue reading

LIFE & LIMB: Mike Clark on Finding & Chasing What Resonates

“Everyone there was basking in the glow of the band’s mechanical precision. It wasn’t hateful, it wasn’t childishly optimistic, it wasn’t overtly political..it was just..energetic. And hopeful.”


This story began outside the bar. My buddy Jessica and I had hung out the entire day prior and got into a deep discussion about this blog, why I want to keep writing… Continue reading