Please Excuse This Interruption: A Personal Note

The other night I came home, exhausted from the day but energized by a new musical discovery. Ryan was sitting on the couch in the dark, working on his photographs and website. I… Continue reading

CROSS CROWDED ROOMS: How Enriquez Came to Find Community

“It was so inspiring to see and absolutely was a direct relation to how I ended up spending the next few years of my life engaging and pursuing things within the sub culture.”

FAST, SMART, STRONG & BRAVE: How Grey Area Kept Quinn from Quitting

“…we really play music because it’s something that we want to do. It’s just something that’s inside us.”

A story of…

Everyone remembers their first local show, but I don’t think many people can say that theirs was the first show that Chris Enriquez ever played with On the Might of Princes. Let me… Continue reading